About Us

Our Story

In the beginning

Brite ‘n Easy Blinds was established by Roger and Debbi Yurkowski in 1992 after helping a friend hand clean her kitchen blinds. When the difficult task was finished all they could think was “There must be a better way!”

With the mission to make blind maintenance “easy” for our customers, we focussed on perfecting the cleaning process. As our expertise grew so did the range of services offered to better meet our customer’s needs.

Always looking for ways to make window coverings easy for our customers, we are proud to be Victoria’s trusted one stop shop for sales, installation, cleaning, and repairs.

We've been busy!

Proudly Serving Victoria since 1992

Satisfied Customers
Years of Experience
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A Family Business

We are a family run business, who believes in providing top quality customer service and value for your money. 

Brite ‘n Easy has served thousands of customers over the course of nearly three decades. We love our customers and serve them with integrity and professionalism. As a result much of our work is from repeat business and recommendations by our existing customers, for which we are immensely grateful.

Chris Yurkowski

We are excited to have Chris on the management team! Brite 'N Easy has always been part of his life and now that he has completed his commerce degree he is working along side his parents as Manager.

Roger Yurkowski

As Owner and Manager Roger has been at the helm of Brite 'N Easy for almost 30 years. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Roger is known for his integrity and has built a reputation for honest and professional service.


Debbi Yurkowski

As Roger's wife for over 40 years and co-owner of Brite 'n Easy for 30 of those, Debbi is experienced in all areas of the business. After a brief hiatus working in health care, Debbi is back working with the family in an administrative capacity.


Brite ‘n Easy Blinds offers great products, great service, and peace of mind. We appreciate our customers and their referrals – so we come through with our promises, every time. Here are some more reasons to choose us:

  1. Honest, trustworthy, professional
  2. Industry experts with 30 years experience
  3. Friendly staff
  4. Exceptional service
  5. Free estimates
  6. Victoria’s only same day cleaning
  7. Satisfaction Guarantee
  8. Fully insured and bonded

Our Philosophy

From day one we have operated business with one fundamental belief:  Deliver exceptional service and your customers will love you for it. After all these years, we still believe that if you do the right thing, and what’s best for the customer, the rest will take care of itself.


We are committed to environmentally responsible  initiatives such as:

  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaners to the fullest extent possible
  • Responsible recycling of old blinds, packaging, etc.
  • Coordinated route planning to reduced exhaust emissions 


Victoria born and raised, we love our city! We are proud to serve the Greater Victoria community and value people over profits.